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About us, or language tuition, is part of the international was created to meet all our students' needs. tutors are predominately first-class language students who have achieved excellent results and have considerable experience in teaching or translating. Each language has its own guarantor who guarantees the work is carried out., or language tuition, is part of the international

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Missing coursework can be a problem for language students, so it's good to have someone to turn to who can guide you through the coursework.



If you're having difficulty keeping up with coursework, it's better to have someone who can help you with your language learning on an ongoing basis.



exam preparation, review



If you just want to improve your language skills and don't need it for work, we're here for you...!


Language consultation

Have you been absent from school and find it difficult keeping up with the coursework? Struggling with language comprehension and communication in the workplace?  Can’t keep up with the language at work? Do you not understand something at work or on vacation? Arrange a consultation with us and together we’ll get you to where you need to be.

  • Any topic
  • Any language
  • Anytime between 06:00 and 22:00, within the next 24 hours

Basic consultation price
35 € - 850 CZK / 60 MIN

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Language tuition

Do you need regular support with language learning? Then we will help you. We’re available MON-SUN 06:00-22:00

  • Individual lessons
  • Available Mon-Sun 06:00-22:00
  • Any topic, in any language

Basic cost of tuition
29 € - 690 CZK / 60 MIN

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Your satisfaction is paramount

Filip helped me prepare for my final highschool exams which I successfully passed, gaining an A grade. I recommend his services.

Jana Műllerová
Jana Műllerová Preparation for final exams

I have been studying with since October 2019. I needed advanced German language skills for my job. I arranged individual lessons. The number of lessons and time slots were arranged according to my availability. At first, the tutor commuted to my home and later, due to the pandemic, we switched to online lessons. The advantage of my individual course is that I plan the content and intensity of the lessons according to my capabilities and availability. I began with some rudimentary knowledge of the language and I have now moved significantly closer to attaining my goal of B2 level." Milan Havlín, Engineer

Ing. Milan Havlín
Ing. Milan Havlín English

My online language course with has been amazing and I can't thank my tutor enough for helping me achieve my language learning goals

Veronika Suchá
Veronika Suchá English

The online Spanish course is fantastic, I recommend it if you don't have a lot of free time or can't travel, it's an excellent alternative. The tutor is great, cheerful, and friendly."

Kateřina Kieselová
Kateřina Kieselová Spanish

I am really satisfied with my experience studying with Especially with Mr. Filip Lehman's approach to language learning. He was proactive in his communication with me and contacted me to arrange consultation hours with a native speaker. This helped me achieve my goal of speaking the language at the required level. Thank you, and if I require your services again, I will happily get back in touch!" Lenka J.

Lenka Ježková
Lenka Ježková English

My son wasn´t good at English and he had to do the resit exam in the 8th grade of elementary school. I found Language Agancy ,10 lessons should have been enough to improve his English. After the second lesson he told me : „ Mom, it´ s so simple, I just couldn´t understand how the teacher was explaining it to us.“ English suddenly stopped being a hiding bogeyman in a closet for him and he has had mark B from English since then. Nowadays he speaks English quite well and he has built a very nice relationship to the language. We appreciated online teaching the most, he could sit in a comfortable environment at home , he didn´t lose a single minute by commuting and above all, he could contact the lecturer anywhere. I would like to thank Filip and his group, I highly recommend them. I know from my own experience that this company really matters. It is comfy and the lecturers are really experienced speakers who don’t lack patience and empathy. Renáta Šťastná, Velké Přílepy

Renata Šťastná
Renata Šťastná English - exam preparation

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You can select private, individual, or group lessons. We also offer public online courses to help you meet people from every corner of Europe and all over the world, wherever you're located. With our network of tutors across Europe, we can also offer face-to-face courses.



We provide standard online translations and legal translations in all world languages. All translations are offered with our just-in-time branding, which has made us a leader in the industry. We get to work on your translations immediately and with no additional charge.



We provide online or face-to-face turnkey interpreting all over Europe in all possible language combinations, consecutive or simultaneous. We can also arrange the rental of the necessary interpreting equipment.



We have become an industry leader in this field. We provide everything just-in-time, in all possible language combinations and topics.